Ground Breaking of the ASK Academy’s New Campus

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In February of 2015 Rachel Matthew Development and the ASK Academy broke ground for the ASK Academy’s new campus on Sundt Road in Rio Rancho. The groundbreaking marked the beginning of the construction of a 38,950 square foot facility that will accommodate more than 600 high school students.

The plans for the new complex were developed by the team at Rachel Matthew Development to include accommodation for 600 high school and middle school students, and will feature modern science and engineering labs.

The ASK Academy is a grades six through twelve public charter school in Rio Rancho. The academy develops and delivers curriculum that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through project based experiences, access to innovative technologies, research programs, relationship building, and extensive partnership programs in order to foster engagement. The school strives to provide opportunities for learners to demonstrate the attitudes, skills, and core knowledge they have attained through their coursework through facilitated and independent learning processes.

The staff of Rachel Matthew Development are proud to have partnered with The ASK Academy to create this new, state-of-the-art learning center.

Find out more about the Ask Academy on their website or on facebook.

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